The Parish is preparing to celebrate Pentecost in a special way. The Mass will include multicultural decoration, processions with participants in their national dress, choirs representing different cultures and parts of the liturgy being spoken in other languages.

Parishioners are encouraged to wear their national dress at this Mass.  After Mass a multicultural celebration will be held in the undercover area of the school grounds. There will be food and entertainment from cultures around the world. Parishioners are invited to bring a plate to share. Tea, coffee and water will be provided. To express interest in any of these roles please call the Parish Office.


Tonight AGAPE will be celebrating their 21st Anniversary.

In honour of this amazing milestone, please join the AGAPE family for their Anniversary Mass on Friday 27th May at the Church of the Twelve Apostles, Jindalee, 7:30pm. All are warmly invited for supper after Mass.


We lift up all the awesome Volunteers who are at the ground roots and also who work tirelessly behind the scenes to proclaim the message of Christ in various ways!

This week we thank you and honour your wondrous contributions to our faith family ✝️

We are who we are because of your faithful service and witness.

Thank you for all you do! We love you 🙏🏼❤️


Dear Parishioners and Friends,

In the first week of May, children with their parents will begin the program to prepare for the Sacrament of

Eucharist – The First Holy Communion.

This Sacrament will be celebrated on:-

Sunday June 19 at 11am, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Darra and Sunday June 26 at 11am, The Twelve Apostles Jindalee.

The Sacrament of Eucharist is the heart of our Christian life, so it is essential to prepare the children well for this Sacrament, which will nourish them for the rest of their lives. To learn more and explore the mystery of the Eucharist, children and parents will meet after the 8 am Mass for about a 45 min lesson.

Children’s Liturgy will be launched on Sunday 8th May at the 8am Mass Jindalee. Pre preps to Year 6 children are invited to break open the liturgy during the Mass.

In the third term of the school year, after First Holy Communion celebrations we will launch the new children’s initiative “One Heart Kids” which will reshape the Sunday School format.

All these programs and activities mentioned above have one purpose to instil love for God and His Church in our children’s hearts, our parish and beyond.

Easter Blessings

Fr Jan Bialasiewicz PP


Dear Parishioners,

Last Friday, significant changes were made regarding the Covid regulations and guidelines. After more than two years of restrictions and rules, we are back to celebrating Mass and other Liturgies in the way we used to do before the Covid pandemic.

The Covid pandemic has affected all of us; no one has been exempted from its harsh effects and “dictatorship.” In the first months, the battle against this invisible enemy was very challenging for all parishes across the Archdiocese. We quickly learned that we need to work together as we face these challenges. Today as we leave our masks, registrations apps, sanitizing pews etc. behind, I thank all parishioners for their work and cooperation in this fight against the pandemic.

When specific structures were in place to deal with this new situation many parishioners came forward to take the role of cleaners, marshals, ushers, sanitizing “officers”, and other roles.

Without the generosity of these parishioners, it would be impossible to make our churches at Darra-Jindalee ready to welcome people to come to Sunday Masses in these last two years.

Today I say a big thank you to you all for your commitment and spirit of giving your time, dedication and professional experience. (e.g. Facebook streaming)

Thank you goes also to the office staff for playing their part in this battle, especially in the first months of the pandemic when we had to record the attendees’ lists. It was a massive job for volunteers and parishioners. However, due to the generosity and commitment of so many volunteers, the door to the Sacramental life was opened in Darra-Jindalee to parishioners and this is what counts.

Well done. God Bless.

Fr Jan


The Archdiocese has provided a COVID-19 update in response to the Qld Chief Health Officer’s recent announcement.

The following will take effect in our Parish from 6pm Friday 4th March 2022:

Masks are no longer required indoors. However, wearing of masks is recommended for vulnerable people and whenever social distancing is not possible.

The full capacity of the Churches will be used, without any restrictions, for Masses, Wedding, Funerals and other events.

– The cleansing of the Church at the end of Masses, Wedding, Funerals and other events will no longer take place.

– COVID Marshals will no longer be required for Masses and Church events.

– Normal collections will resume.

– The procession of gifts will resume.

– The Rite of Reconciliation will return to pre-COVID arrangements – see the newsletter for dates/times.

– Food service, morning teas etc. may resume with caution about the safe handling of food/utensils to reduce the risk of transmitting COVID-19.

– It is recommended to continue sanitising hands on entry and exit to the Church and its buildings.

– The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference instruction is still being followed regarding Communion: the Body of Christ should be administered only in the hand and the chalice should only be received by the celebrant.

Thank you for the resilience and patience you have shown by journeying alongside us during this ever changing times.


Dear Parishioners,

The ADF has changed banking details for those who have been direct depositing periodically:-

The New Bank Account details are:-

Darra Jindalee Catholic Church
BSB: 064 786
ACCOUNT: 100000351

We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.