Jesus said that “He is the vine and we the branches – branches that are to bear fruit”. (John 15:5). We are all called to will the good of each other and to bear fruit. We also know from experience that we need support in doing good. Our generous Parish Family offers their personal gifts and time to help the Community during various phases of our life. We are deeply thankful and humbled to be able to share God’s Mission by providing essential Pastoral Services, in support of our beloved Faith Community.

Thank you for your instrumental partnership in helping us give life to these life giving Ministries. Together, we need your help to continue our joint mission in supporting the important Ministries and upkeep of our beautiful Churches at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, Darra and the Twelve Apostles, Jindalee, as each and every contribution is warmly treasured.

How do I give?
Your invaluable contribution can be given in three ways:
1. Electronic Funds Transfer
Regular Contribution through Direct Debit
2. Via the Collection Box with cash or cheque during our Masses.
3. Mail (cheques only).
4. Make a gift of any size under the Parish Endowment Fund through our Will known as a ‘Bequest’, which will support the mission of our Parish, the Catholic Church and the faith of future generations.

Feel free to contact the Parish Office on (07) 3715 8517 should you wish to talk more about wanting to support our Community in any way you can.